Wendy Van Besien, MBA, CPC, ELI-MP

Wendy Van Besien, MBA, CPC, ELI-MP


Meet Wendy

From as long as I can remember, I’ve been a deep thinker, an incessant questioner, and a determined woman. And through the years, I also became a conscious survivor.

My journey has been about acknowledging the events that have happened to me, accepting them and then creating conscious choice on how to move forward.  Living through three cancer experiences, and separating from my husband of 27 years had left me feeling depleted, but yet, there was always a spark, strength, a resiliency that I would not only survive but also thrive.  While I continue to be a work in progress I recognize my ability to choose my life. 

After 25+ years spent working in consumer product marketing, strategy, and organizational behavior I am thrilled that I became certified as a coach. Coaching is unique in that it challenges people to focus on what they really want and helps them break through what’s holding them back from manifesting success. It’s about creating and experiencing the life of their choosing, and I’m so delighted to help people along in that process.

I am an IPEC Certified Coach and am certified in the Energy Leadership Index (ELI). In addition, I have a Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell University’s Industrial and Labor Relations School and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

Personal Mission

I introduce cancer survivors to a fresh new lens, to allow them to see past the moment they are in, because I believe that cancer can NEVER and should NEVER define your ability to live a life filled with joy. I employ a unique approach, methodology and process that uncovers and clears out fears, limiting beliefs and assumptions to better identify your unique talents, abilities and life goals. Together we tackle the chaos that comes with a cancer diagnosis to create a life beyond.