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Leadership & Resilience Coach

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Resilience is key to a life filled with purpose, joy and well-being.

Building resilience takes courage, honesty, grit and determination. While we can’t control the peaks and valleys of life - work challenges, illness, difficult relationships and family turmoil, we can learn to:

● Reduce stress and anxiety
● Identify and establish boundaries
● Change behaviors that are no longer working for us
● Become comfortable in new and uncertain situations

Resilience is sometimes misunderstood as the ability to help weather difficult situations in our lives. It isn’t!!! Together we will reframe the meaning of resilience as it provides us with the capacity to remain flexible in thoughts, behaviors and emotions when under stress. Stress can result from one-off traumatic events, like career setback, or sudden injury or illness. It also comes from being exposed to relentless demands over a period of time, which breaks down our ability to think clearly, make important decisions and respond thoughtfully and appropriately.


It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.
— Paulo Coelho
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How is resilience related to performance?

We are expected to perform every day, at our
offices, with our family, colleagues and friends. The way we show up and perform determines our success and that success is measured with a variety of different metrics:

● Satisfying career
● Meaningful and loving relationships
● Optimal health
● Wealth stability

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We need resilience to perform and be successful in our everyday lives. Unfortunately, we can’t jump our way to it, we can’t read or study our way to it.  We must experience and experiment our way to define it for ourselves.


Exploring these questions guide us toward our success:

  • How can we manage life’s peaks and valleys better?
  • What do we learn as we work through challenging times?
  • How can we reframe situations to our advantage?
  • How does owning our vulnerability lead to strength?
  • What leads to a happier, more fulfilled and flourishing life?
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Resilience isn’t a single skill. It’s a variety of skills and coping mechanisms. To bounce back from bumps in the road, as well as, failures, you should focus on emphasizing the positive.
— Jean Chatzky

There are so many misconceptions about resiliency; it’s insurmountable, too hard to learn or we say to ourselves - “I don’t possess grit or determination”.


I have lived through several traumatic events: a harrowing ski accident, am a three-time cancer survivor and separated after 27 years of marriage.  I leaned on friends, family, mentors and teachers.  I dug deep to find inner strength to help me through what seemed at times, the most impossible and insurmountable moments.   I learned through personal experience and personal failure how to build resilience so that I could lead a more purposeful and fulfilled life. And now, my mission, my purpose is to share that with you.

I work with people who feel like they’re on a perpetual treadmill, who feel like life is good enough, who believe that this is all they can expect, who experience doubt, fear, lethargy.  I am here to tell you… there is more and together we’ll create the life you want to live and…

● Outline new perspectives, skills, and strategies to reduce stress and anxiety
● Understand how we’re wired for negativity bias and what we can do to overcome our default processes
● Gain the ability to navigate the unknown and realize you can handle anything that’s thrown at you
● Empower you to take ownership of your life and your decisions
● Help you see the world of limitless possibilities and to live fearlessly


I educate you with tangible, applicable knowledge, share proven strategies and empowering life tools, while always integrating varied introspective exercises to ensure your evolution of their development.